10 Awesomely Awesome Meaningless Meaninful Jets/NFL Thoughts

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- I got to be honest,  if I was a Seahawks fan, the thought of a healthy Braylon Edwards and Sidney Rice alongside a HUNGRY and MOTIVATED Terrell Owens (that is still running 4.4s in the 40) would actually make me feel pretty good about the potential of the Seahawks offense.  Seahawks were a few pieces away from being legit contenders in the NFC West and I honestly believe that they may now have enough weapons to open things and become an official PROBLEM in that division.  Kudos to coach Carroll for recognizing the team’s WEAKNESSES and addressing it ADEQUATELY!


- OLB Aaron Maybin has been hard at work this offseason reportedly gaining about 25-30 pounds in order to aid him in his quest in becoming a more complete OLB and to become a more reliable defensive player for the Jets.  Maybin has been the only consistent standout player on either side of the ball since the start of camp, practically dominating and getting to the QBs at will.  Of course one could argue that he’s going up against an offensive line that is yet to play at full strength in camp but I’m not buying it seeing as though I expected Maybin to be very beastly this season and what we are seeing from him in camp is undoubtedly a look at what’s to come from him this season.  Maybin is a hard worker and still has a lot to prove and a lot of haters and doubters to shut up and I believe he will do that and MORE this season.    #TeamMaybin

OLB Aaron Maybin is primed for a HUGE season with the Jets.

8.)  It’s almost Fantasy Football time and I’m at odds at what position to draft first; QB or RB?  Last year my first pick was Chris Johnson and we know how that worked out.  I’m thinking about going with a QB but I’m not certain and can use some help this season for my money league.  Hit me up on Twitter if you have any Fantasy tips or suggestions for a fantasy loser (in a money league for 4 years and haven’t won YET) like myself. It’ll be MUCH appreciated.


-  The Jets had a BRAWL in camp (actually 2 players were fighting and the rest of the “brawlers” were trying to break them up) this week and with the way the media responded to it, you’d think they Jets had a brawl that destroyed the entire city of Cortland.  The attention that this team is getting is starting to border on the absurd and most of it consists of double standards and hypocrisy and I don’t feel sorry for them at ALL as this is EXACTLY what their owner Woody Johnson wanted.

Owner Woody Johnson is to blame for the way the Jets are being portrayed in the media.

-   Someone might want to advise Plaxico Burress to LOWER his asking price.  He’s no longer a threat between the 20s and Sanchez had a lot to do with his redzone success last season as Sanchez look for and found Plax in the redzone practically at his leisure.  Plaxico isn’t an ELITE WR anymore but he is certainly still valuable and still has solid production left in him and Braylon and TO getting signed OVER him makes me believe that his asking price may be too high.

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