Jets Fans: Pay No Attention to the Man with the Microphone

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There is no reason to get upset at these people, ladies and gentelmen. They are giving opinions.

You have every right to disagree with them, but getting all up in arms about it is not needed. These people are being asked their opinions, or in Boomer and Damian’s cases, being paid to give their opinions. They need listeners. By making the same statements that everyone else makes, they are not going to increase their listenership. They need to draw attention to themselves.

That is why Boomer says what he says. He is paid to get attention.

Don’t agree with him. But don’t be annoyed, because it will never change.

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  • Alex Parziale

    Although I am still concerned about our offense right now, ironically it has nothinig to do with Tebow, it has to do with ouu WRs. Do I wish that they went out and got a veteran back up for the team? Yes definitely. But I also think that Tebow can be an asset to this team, as long as he is used the right way and not when the fans or the media pressure Rex in to making changes.
    Boomer I think made some valid points, but I think he went extreme when he said to cut Tebow. Honestly from day one I have not like the trade. But I am hoping that Sporano and Rex can make Tebow a weapon on the team. I know that the jury is still out on what kind of coach Sporano could be. And of course last season brough Rex down to earth.
    I tweeted Boomer this morning saying that I respected him as a player. he took a beaten while here. nd kept playing. But I also added he had no success here and that the Eric Allen 98 yard INT keeps giving me nightmares. A few moments later Boomer mentioned that on the air and said that it gave him nightmares also. He tnen retweeted back to me saying the same thing.
    Boomer is not a glory hog on the air but I think he knew that he would stir the pot with his remarks. My only beef is you csan’t keep saying that Jet Camp is a circus, when in fact it is the medioa that is making it a circus.