Some Thoughts and Observations from Jets Wednesday Practice

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  • Its great to have Mike Westhoff back doing what he does best.  He was all over the field today, coaching up his unit, speciically on punts inside the 10.  He could be heard loud and clear, which makes it great to have him on the Jets side.
  • Tony Sparano has preached tempo, and has continued to do so today.  An up tempo offense can only hurt the opponent.  Good things out of coach Sparano.
  • It looks like Tim Tebow had some success throwing the ball today, especially to his new favorite target, Josh Baker.  My feelings towards Tebow not withstanding, I wish him success while he is here, so that is great news.

We will have more reports on training camp as the days and weeks go by, right here at the J-E-T Press.

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