A Little Skepticism on the Revis Hamstring "Injury"

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By coming into camp on time, the Jets cannot use the franchise tag, or the transition tag on him. The Jets will either have to pay him big time next offseason, or he will play out his contract and become a free agent.

The Jets don’t want this, and he knows it. It was a business decision not to come in. Yes, he wanted to be ready for the season, but he also didn’t want to lose money, nor would anyone else.

Not that I blame him for this thought, but let’s call it as it is.

Don’t forget, after reporting to camp, Darrelle still talked about the fact that he is not thrilled about the contract. He was still quoted about how the Jets have to make a decision about whether he is part of the long term future. He stated that he wants to be here, but it is up to the Jets to make that decision now.

Clearly, Revis is here, but he is not happy.

What a way to make a statement, and not lose his money. He comes into camp so he is not fined, and his contract is not extended. He says his hamstring is tight, so he can sit on the side.

I’m not saying this is definitely what happened. He might be as hurt as they say he is, and they were just being cautious.

You have to wonder, though. Stranger things have happened.

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