Observations, Thoughts, Etc. from Jets Opening Workout

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Some more thoughts for you:

  •         Tebow Indecisive With the Football-This is what we have been saying all along, folks, and it was observed today.  Tebow takes too long with the football in his hands.  He is not decisive with his reads, and he just doesn’t get the football out.  That combined with his limited ability as a thrower at this point plays into everything we have said here for a while
  •         Jeff Otah Almost Ready to Go?- Hopefully this means the trade will stay intact after all.  Jeff Otah was watching the action from the sidelines today, but told reporters he is close to passing.  Anyone who watched Wayne Hunter play hopes to God that he is right.
  •         Demario Davis still On Sidelines-Unfortunately, Demario is not ready to go yet.  He injured his hamstring during his conditioning test, and was placed on the PUP list.  He was expected to be ready to come off this weekend, but apparently that is not so fast.  Hopefully it will be soon, as big things are expected from him in year one.
  •         The Summer of Vlad? -An unfortunate term, but might actually be true.  Matt Slauson and Vlad Ducasse were both taking reps at Left Guard today, fueling speculation that there is a competition for the spot in 2012.  I think I speak for all Jets fans in saying “Go Matt go!”
  •         Offense is Getting Sharper – Although both QBs had their ups and downs, (Sanchez with a pick, and Tebow a sack), from all eyes the offense was improved from minicamp, which is to be expected.  Also a good thing.
  •         Joe McKnight Looks Big and Fast-Saw this point brought out and that is good.  He needed size to be able to withstand NFL hits, and if he gained some, and is still quick, this is good.
  •         Who cares what Keyshawn thinks?-Apparently, Keyshawn Johnson was making his presence known at Cortland today.  He was talking to Santonio Holmes about being respectful and his special place with the Jets.  Seriously?  What special place?  He’s the guy that forced Bill Parcells to trade him if memory serves me.  And being respectul?  Did he forget about the book he wrote?  I also don’t really care what he thinks about the Jets offense either.  Oh, well, I guess I don’t get a vote.

Stay tuned to our site over the weekend, JETSerious will be writing reports from Cortland Sat, Sun, and Mon.


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