Twas the Night Before Workouts

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The defense is younger, moving to 4-3,
When they get to Tom Brady how happy we’ll be.
Bart Scott he “can’t wait!” to be in every down,
He and Aaron Maybin, they will take QB’s down.

Schotty is gone, and Sparano is in,
The ground and pound game plan has brought us many wins.
Shonn Greene will be counted on for a big season,
Big runs from McKnight will also be the reason.

Revis is here, and it is exciting,
His ticket to Canton he still will be writing.
Mike Westhoff and Rex will be swearing away,
Who will use more swear words? It could change every day.

And last but not least there is Santonio Holmes,
If he does not catch enough balls, he moans and he groans.
But he and Mark Sanchez made up this offseason,
A match made in heaven? They have every reason.

But tonight is a night, to dream and see stars,
A Super Bowl Championship soon could be ours.
A new year is here, last year is behind us,
The rest of the AFC is waiting to find us.

The offseason is over, tomorrow we’ll see,
How the new year will start shaping up to be.
Workouts begin, the season in sight,
A shout to Jets Nation, and all a good night!

I hope you enjoyed that. Football is back!

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