Curtis Martin Reflects on Football at Luncheon

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Curtis Martin is the greatest player ever to put on a Jets uniform not named Joe Namath. He is one of the top running backs ever to put on any uniform, and will take his rightful place in the Hall of Fame next weekend. (I will be there to cover). Today, he reflected on several topics at a luncheon where he talked to a small group of reporters.

Believe it or not, he never considered football a passion of his, nor does he now:

“Football was a headache for me,” Martin told a small gathering of reporters at a restaurant in Manhattan Monday. “I felt it was just something I didn’t have the time to do. I didn’t want to do it. For me, it just wasn’t fun.”

It may have saved his life, growing up in a crime-laden area of Pittsburgh, but he never found it fun. Imagine that? As great as Curtis Martin was, he didn’t enjoy playing football. Imagine if he did?

Instead, he considered it basically his life’s assignment. Take a look:

“I may not have wanted to play, but I believe you have to do things,” said Martin, who still lives in Garden City. “You know the saying, ‘You have to do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do.’ I always felt like that was my assignment. Football was like my basic training for life. I’ve learned how to work hard, how to commit, so many things I didn’t know how to do until I had football in my life.”

Interesting to hear from one of the game’s all-time greats, huh?

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