Former Jets Great Marty Lyons Thinks Tebow is Best Athlete on the Team

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Lyons actually had some thoughts to share about Mark Sanchez as well:

“I think the best thing Mark needs to do in Year 4 is be himself — don’t put too much pressure on yourself. One player is not going to win the game and one player is not going to lose the game,” Lyons said. “Go out and have some fun, have confidence in yourself, have confidence in the system and realize that you touch the ball more than anybody. You can make some things happen and you can go out there and lead your team by only completing a few passes. Give your team the best opportunity to win — don’t turn the ball over. But what Mark has to realize is take some of that personal pressure off yourself.”

Thanks to Randy for the quotes. Marty isn’t really breaking any ground here. As we have discussed at length, this working relationship will do a lot in teling us how the season will play out.

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