Tim Tebow in the Red Zone Instead of Sanchez is a Mistake

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Now we discuss mixed messages.

Coach Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum have done a lot of talking on this situation about Mark Sanchez being the starter, and Tim Tebow is the wildcat quarterback. They talk about Brad Smith, and how valuable a weapon that he was, and how Tebow can replace Smith as a weapon.

Then, this comes out about the redzone. And it made me think…….

A couple of things here.

Yes, Brad Smith was a valuable weapon, nobody can deny that. He was a threat, as a wildcat quarterback. Tim Tebow would be the same as a wildcat quarterback. But…

Did they take Sanchez out in favor of Brad Smith in the red zone? No they did not. And the reason is that it upsets the quarterback’s rhythm. Much of playing quarterback, and running an offense, is about rhythm. Getting in rhythm with the offense, with the receivers, and getting a flow going against the defense. Taking the quartback out after he leads the team to the red zone, just to change it up, breaks the rhythm, and causes the offense to stall.

One more look at the numbers. Sorry Tebow fans, I know you hate this. Since we are talking about Brad Smith as a weapon under Rex Ryan, let’s compare completion percentages of Brad Smith under Ryan, vs Tim Tebow over the same two years.

Tim Tebow:50%, 46.5%
Brad Smith:100%, 66.7%

Obviously, Tebow threw many more passes than Smith, but that is not the point. The point is Smith is a better passer, you can see it when they play. And so is Mark Sanchez, and there is no room for debate.

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