Santonio Holmes Speaks About Team Media Coverage: Why??

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Let’s take it a step further. Take all of the rest out of the equation, and assume that Santonio Holmes is 100% right about everything he said.

The question is, why say it?

After everything that happened at the end of 2011, most people didn’t want Holmes back in town. He is back, so everyone is waiting for him to act out again. People are waiting for him to step out of line so they can rip him.

Sometimes you have to show discretion. In order to not draw attention to yourself, sometimes you have to keep quiet, and not make comments that are going to get people talking. If you want to show the world you have changed, don’t make comments, even if true, that will cause people to talk about you.

Right or wrong, nothing positive could happen by him making these comments. So why make them?

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