JETSerious Film Session: Harris Project Part II

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Let me just begin, by saying that this might be the most unorthodox play-call that I’ve ever seen. It really has me scratching my head as I try to figure out who is lined up where, and why? Seriously, what is going on here?

Here’s my conclusion; a list I’ve come up with in regards to the responsibilities of each player:

  • Darrelle Revis (missing from picture) is playing at least ten yards off of his man… if you don’t consider him to be lined up as a Safety.
  • RB/KR Joe McKnight is playing Cornerback…. on Defense!
  • The Jets have 2 down Linemen—Calvin Pace and Marcus Dixon.
  • Kyle Wilson looks to be lined up with the Tight End in the slot to the left.
  • Wilson’s actually coming on a blitz, along with Joe McKnight, Eric Smith, Marcus Dixon, and Donald Strickland
  • Jamal Westerman is going to take Wilson’s man (Tight End) 1-on-1.
  • Antonio Cromartie is locked in man with Torrey Smith, 1-on-1.

Again, I apologize for any blurred photos… due to my limited access to film.

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Jets vs. Ravens 2011

Here’s the pre-snap look of Rex Ryan’s ill-advised playcall on 3rd & 11. Although it is a gutsy call on Ryan’s part, it worked. Let me explain why, and how this play was executed to perfection…

As Flacco drops back to pass, you can see two DB’s (on the top of the screen) coming on a blitz. One of them is the speedster, Joe McKnight. His rapid pass-rush will eventually cause Flacco to have to get rid of it in a hurry. David Harris serves as a QB spy, as Calvin Pace picks up his man—Ray Rice. Rice hasn’t released from his block yet, but once he does, you’ll see that Pace takes him in 1-on-1 coverage.

Harris maintains his focus on Joe Flacco. Calvin Pace, on the other hand, jams Ray Rice and disrupts his route. This will ultimately cause Flacco to become impatient, and force the pass with the blitz coming his way. Harris is in excellent position to prevent the screen pass.

Joe Flacco, unaware of David Harris, forces the screen to Rice.  At this point, Harris can easily jump the route, and watch the ball into his hands for the interception. There’s not much for Ray Rice to do at this point, but to change his direction, and prevent an interception. However, his eyes are on the ball and he doesn’t see Harris jumping his route.

But can Harris cut off Rice’s route and make the pick? Turn the page to find out…


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