5 Reasons for Jets Fans to be Optimistic: Number 3

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The Jets ground and pound attack was at it’s best, as we know, in 2009 and 2010. 20-12 in the regular season and two AFC championship game appearances are all the evidence you need on that. We know about the running game, but what about the passing game? What was the common denominator?

A threat down the field, that’s what. Braylon Edwards was that man.

In 2009, Edwards averaged 15.5 yards per catch over 35 catches. 2010 was a huge year from Braylon, as it was for the Jets, going 11-5. Braylon caught 53 passes for a 17.1 yards per catch average. Over the two seasons, Edwards scored 11 times.

Move to the 2011 debacle, and look at the passing attack. Nobody that played a full year averaged more than 13.6 yards per catch (Jeff Cumberland averaged 17.5 YPC in 3 games before his injury). They had no deep threat, so the offense bogged down.

Tony Sparano’s offensive concept is physical, but relies on a vertical passing attack as well.

Stephen Hill provides that, and gives Jets fans reasons to be optimistic for the upcoming season.

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