New York Jets Madden Film Session: Part IV

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Jets 1st Round Draft Pick in the 2012 draft, Quinton Coples (98) sacks Tom Brady.

On this next play, the 46 Defense will comprise of:

—> 4 down Linemen

  • Muhammad Wilkerson (96) – DE
  • Mike DeVito (70) – DT
  • Sione Pouha (91) – DT
  • Quinton Coples (98) – DE

—> 3 Linebackers

  • Calvin Pace (97) – OLB
  • David Harris (52) – MLB
  • Aaron Maybin (51) – MLB (I know it sounds wrong, but I’ll explain later)

—> 2 Cornerbacks

  • Darrelle Revis (24) – LCB
  • Antonio Cromartie (31) – RCB

—> 1 Strong Safety “In the box”, near the line of scrimmage.

  • LaRon Landry (30)

—> 1 Free Safety

  • Yeremiah Bell (37)

The pre-snap will look like this:

The role for each player is highlighted in the next photo. With all the arrows it can get a little confusing. So, to review—we labeled the pass rushers with red arrows, and the man-to-man coverage with yellow arrows. The blue bubble shows a Cover 1, deep zone coverage.

The dotted lines signify an option read for the Defensive player. For example, Linebacker David Harris (52) has the option to shift himself to a better location…that will help make his responsibility of defending TE Rob Gronkowski much easier.

 As for FS Yeremiah Bell (37), his primary responsibility is to defend the deep zone. As the play progresses, LB Harris may need some help covering Gronkowski, so it’s Bell’s judgment call—whether or not he needs to help him. If Harris can match up against Gronkowski, and there is nobody running a deep route, then Bell’s third role would be to play as a QB spy (reading Brady’s body flow/eyes).

Aaron Maybin is playing Middle LB, which some might question. He is usually a Designated Pass Rusher on the outside. However, when you have a RB running a route into the flat in man coverage, a quick LB is a necessity. Maybin runs a 4.89 (40-yard dash), and can keep up with the RB on this play. Bart Scott could’ve stayed in the game, but he’s not the ideal cover guy. If anything, Calvin Pace and Aaron Maybin could’ve swapped positions, but that wouldn’t confuse anybody. It’s important to keep Quarterbacks (Brady) continuously guessing who is blitzing and who is dropping in coverage. It messes with their (his) focus during split-second decisions.


This next picture is what Brady will see when he glances left, and dares to test Antonio Cromartie— who is locked in man-to-man with Deon Branch, and has help over the deep middle.


Brady will also see a strong pass rush that looks like it’s going to collapse the pocket.

Darrelle Revis is trailing Wes Welker, but Calvin Pace is in position to bat the ball down on any pass thrown left.

Muhammad Wilkerson leads the pass rush here, collapsing the inner pocket in front of Tom Brady. This forces Brady to hurry his throw.

Quinton Coples does a good job here of containing the outside, where he’s required to be.

Now, let’s see if the pressure gets to Brady before he can get the pass off….

Wilkerson comes up with a big sack. There should be plenty of this going on this upcoming season.  It’s expected. After all, Rex was the one to talk him up so much.

I believe what Rex is saying, but everyone knows that it has to be shown on the field before it can become a reality.

Nevertheless, Muhammad is a big dude. He showcased what he can do, in just his 2nd NFL game of the 2011 Season, in which he recorded his first sack/safety. That’s quite impressive, if you ask me.

He’s going to be hard to ignore”    –Rex Ryan

Yeah, that’s for sure.

Look for big things from “Big MO”, and the New York Jets 46 Defense this year!

Good things are coming…Good things.


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