Five Jets Training Camp Stories without Tebow

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Is there a guy outside the organization that is going to come in. There is talk down in Miami about Anthony Fasano, and how is role is reducing with the Dolphins. Some are saying it is possible that he could be cut.

Fasano is certainly familiar with the Sparano offensive system, and he is an adept run blocker. You could make the argument for bringing him in, either via trade or signing if he gets released.

There was some debate among Jets bloggers last week about whether the Jets would be better with Fasano INSTEAD of Dustin Keller. To me, Dustin Keller has a great deal more upside than Fasano has. Yes, Fasano is a consistent performer, but Keller’s upside is huge, and his comfort with Mark Sanchez cannot be overlooked. Keller must stay, unless he totally falls apart in the new system.

If he can be brought in as a complement to Keller, that would be ideal. He is a terrific run blocker and it would be invaluable to bring in a guy that is already familiar with the Sparano system.

The point is, whether inside this organization or not, they need a blocking tight end. Who will emerge?

It will be interesting to follow.

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