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Take it easy, folks. This is a hypothetical situation here.

Let me just start off by saying that Ed Reed is by far, my favorite NFL (non-Jets) player. That’s why it’s easy for me to dream of Ed Reed playing Free Safety for the Jets.

Again, the odds are slim. But what if the Ravens wanted to see what draft picks they could get in return in a trade, for their disgruntled Free Safety? Reed is set to make $7.2 Million this year and feels that there’s a lack of respect from the Ravens Front Office. That is, if he doesn’t get a new deal. He’s entering his final season of his 6 Year, $44 Million contract.

Would the Ravens dare to trade him?

Reed sounds like he’s leaning towards becoming a no-show come time for training camp.

He tweeted yesterday:

 Back home with my son, he’s riding his bike an I’m doing yard work! Tell the bosses I’m comfortable!”


Ed Reed is a father now, and knows how valuable time can be. It’s only natural to want to spend time with your kids. Especially if you’re Reed, and you feel disrespected by your “bosses”, aka the Ravens Front Office.

Let’s just say the Ravens decided that they could move forward with their current depth on Defense. Clearly, that’d mean that a Defensive Back stood out during their practices without #20.

Reed is taking up $7.2 Million in cap room, and the Ravens Front Office might want to get some value for him while they can. I say that, because when the 2012 season is over, Ed Reed will become a free agent. If you’re the Ravens, looking for takers on Reed, the Jets are a difficult team to ignore as a potential trade-partner. Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome knows Rex very well, and he’d understand why the Jets would be interested. So what would a trade look like?

Let’s ask Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh…actually, don’t.

Harbaugh seems like he has no idea what’s going on. This was what he said back in May, when asked about Ed Reed, and whether or not he would report to camp:

Ed, he’s a mature guy. He’s a superstar. He’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer. He’s a leader and Ed will be here. We’re counting on Ed being here.”

He was wrong…Ed skipped out.

Harbaugh also hurt the Ravens camp, regarding contract negotiations. Harbaugh likely heard an earful from GM Ozzie Newsome and the Front Office, after telling the media how amazing Ed Reed is. Rex Ryan learned that lesson with Darrelle Revis when he held out in 2010.


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