David Harris Thinks the Defense Will Be as Good as 2009

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Thanks to Jenny for doing this summer series as it has proven to be very interesting.

It’s easy to get excited when you hear David Harris talk this way. It’s different with guys like Bart Scott, with all due respect to him. Sometimes, because he is a Rex guy, the bravado coming from his is almost like bravado from Rex. It’s what makes Bart great, and a perfect fit for the team. But, like Rex, as much as we love the both of them, the noise they make is sometimes just noise.

David, on the other hand, being here prior to Rex, and being the most consistent performer for a long time other than Revis, gives him a lot of credibility in this regard. Harris is excited about the defense, and that is great to hear.

He went on to talk about how the defense in 2011, assumed that guys understood things, and may not always have. It’s a good thing that they have a full offseason this year, so they can work to avoid the problem.

It all sounds great, and I can’t wait to see them take the field.

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