Daddy, Where do Jets Come From?

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First of all, Mike Tannenbaum’s ability to wheel and deal is shown as you look at this list. Go through it, and there are a lot of guys that have another team next to their names. A lot of Jets players are trades and free agents, and that is evidenced by this list.

The best choices that the Jets have made have been in the first three rounds, which is to be expected. You don’t often get a Tom Brady, who was chosen in the 6th round. The Jets have 2 late round starters on the roster, John Conner who was picked in round 5, and Matt Slauson who was picked in round six.

It’s interesting to note that their is only one starter on the team from the second round, although that might change with Stephen Hill. As of now, the only drafted starter from the second round is David Harris. It’s not surprising, though, if you look through Jets history. Some of their bigger blunders have been in the second round. This round has yielded players like Browning Nagle, Ryan Yarborough, Alex Van Dyke and Dorian Boose. Not good.

Just thought it was interesting to note how the roster is composed. Thanks to Rich Cimini for the list.

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