Tim Tebow's Wild Rise: A Review

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There is no doubting the success that Tebow has had as a football player as well, as outlined in the 30 minute program. Right from when he started playing in high school, he was a success, and being the only guy ever to win a Heisman Trophy as a college sophmore leaves any question about that in doubt. He is a talented athlete. That speech he gave at halftime in the National Championship game made me want to get off my couch and play too, by the way.

I also found interesting that simply by some photographs, Tebowing came into the country’s lexicon. He did the same pose for a long time, but the man who became the owner of the “tebowing” website, took some pictures of him praying, posted them, and there came “Tebowing”.

Tebowmania made its logical rise as Tebow won in 2011 too. Anyone who wins games the way Tebow did will garner that kind of fandom.

We shall see, as they noted, if Tebow will be able to handle all of the temptations that are in NY.

All in all, an interesting program, and especially one that any fan of Tebow will enjoy.

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