New York Jets Madden Film Session: Part II

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Right now, the Giants defender (far left) commits to the Running Back. McKnight doesn’t seem so wide open now, huh?

Stephen Hill has taken his man to the back on the end zone, where it’s very difficult to stop any type of run.

Both of these factors are key for Tebow. They let him know that he should keep the ball and run with it. He does just that. At this point, the few defenders that are in position to make a play are the ones that Tebow needs to beat on his own.

Tebow avoids the nearest defenders by sprinting left.

You will see in the next picture, that the CB runs up to make a play, forcing Tebow to cut back inside and make a move for the end zone.

There is no guarantee that this play will work. It is, however, very effective when it’s ran—because Defensive players need to choose (within seconds) who they want to contain.

This is just one of the many ways to utilize Tim Tebow in the Jets “Ground-n-Pound” Offensive system.


Keep your eyes peeled for Part III of our New York Jets Madden Film Session, coming later this week!



Courtesy of EA Sports and Madden NFL 12.

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