New York Jets Madden Film Session: Part I

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The next picture will show the continuation of the same play as it’s developing

After CB Thomas leaves his man (Hill), he can only do one of two things:

  1. Attack/tackle Tebow
  2. Try to bat the ball down

The CB (Thomas) is almost eliminated from the play once Tebow decides to pass. The Safety (Rolle) has a chance to make a play, but he is not in a promising position. At this point of the play’s development, it’s up to the passer to make the throw and WR to make the catch.



In the next picture, Tebow makes a below average throw (anyone surprised? HA), but Stephen Hill gets in good position to make a play.

 In the worst-case scenario, it becomes a jump ball. Hill comes down with the catch here, in better position. He was able to attack the ball like a basketball player would, when he boxes out and grabs a rebound.

Once the Cornerback commits to the run, the Safety has the responsibility of picking up his man, creating a body position advantage that favors the receiver and his friend—the sidelines.


Check back early next week, where JETSerious gets dead serious in Part 2 of our Madden Film Session.


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