New York Jets Madden Film Session: Part I

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Below I will breakdown some film, using screenshots from Madden NFL 2012. The idea is to put words with pictures, to provide a vivid demonstration of how the play will work. This will somewhat resemble film, that coaches use to game-plan with.

In Part 1, I will explain how the New York Jets could/should use Tim Tebow in their run-first offensive system.

How can Tebow deliver as a Halfback?

I-Formation Right:

2WR-Holmes/Hill, 1TE-Keller, 1FB-Conner, 1 HB-Tebow, 1QB -Sanchez


This is what the I-formation will look like when Tebow is playing Halfback, and the camera is close up, focusing left. When Sanchez throws the halfback toss, Tebow will be looking at a 3 vs. 3 matchup as the offense flows to the left.  Tebow’s man can be considered the option guy.

  • WR Stephen Hill vs. CB Terrelle Thomas
  • FB John Conner vs. DE Jason Pierre-Paul (or Antrell Rolle)
  • HB Tim Tebow vs.  FS Antrell Rolle (or JPP)

Hill would be lined up left, and run a GO-route. This forces the Cornerback to strictly choose, either to defend the run OR the pass. He simply cannot defend both.


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