Should Mark Sanchez be on the Hot Seat?

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First off it’s the wonderful “what have you done for me now?” New York that we live in. Admittedly Mark Sanchez makes bad decisions at times, and when he does, they are magnified. People quickly forget his impressive wins when he throws interceptions to defensive linemen (see week 17 2011 vs. Dolphins). It’s understandable, as you are clearly not making the right throws when defensive linemen pick you off multiple times. And when the reporters ask many more questions about that, rather than giving just as much time to good play, we all tend to forget.

But we have to remember the good in Mark.

And, anything the starting quarterback does will be magnified a million fold when Tim Tebow is your backup quarterback. Whether you like his ability or not, he is a figure that draws a lot of attention.

Tim Tebow, for all of his faults, many of which I personally have outlined, is a good leader. He couldn’t have taken the Broncos as far as he did without being able to lead. As such, everything Mark Sanchez does will be magnfifed, knowing the team has a natural born leader on the bench.

What am I saying? Rich is right that Mark Sanchez is on the hot seat. But it isn’t fair, as he really shouldn’t be.

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