EXCLUSIVE:Interview with Jets Great Wesley Walker, Part II

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In lieu of a Sunday Morning Spotlight, we bring you the second part of our interview from yesterday with the former Jets great, WR Wesley Walker. To get up to speed on the first part of the interview, click here.  Wesley was gracious to spend time with the Jet Press while signing autographs at “Sports Center”, in Middletown, NY.

THE JET PRESS-The best QB you ever played with..

WESLEY WALKER-Kenny O’Brien, hands down. But there was a guy that I played with in college, Joe Roth, and he had cancer four years prior and he came back, and he would have been a number one draft choice. I played with two guys that were pretty good, Vince Ferragamo and Steve Bartkowski. They were all, pro quarterbacks in college, and he(Roth), came up and surpassed all their records, and he was slated to be a number one draft choice, but the cancer creeped up, and he passed away. I always tell that story, and I compare him to Kenny O’Brien. Just the work ethic and the way he performed. I had someone come to my house to do a documentary on Joe Roth, and I was telling them just what we were doing as juniors and seniors, we were doing that in the pros. It reminded me of Kenny O’Brien and what we did back then, but we were still in college. Obviously I never had the opportunity to play with Joe Namath, or Dan Marino or Elway. But I would definitely take Ken O’Brien, hands down.

TJP-Toughest defensive back you ever played against?

WW-Shoot, my own teammates, Bobby Jackson and Jerry Holmes. I look at teams, Kansasy City as a whole, they were pretty good. Darrell Green was probably the one that I had, though I didn’t play him much since he was in the NFC, but as far as speed, I could be him and he could recover. He’s the only one that had my head turn and like “Whoa, I got to work hard at that”. They had Frank Minniefield and Chris Darden at Cleveland, that’s two defensive backs as a tandem that were pretty good and they were really, really tough. There’s so many people, you can’t sort of compare, and I can take different safeties…everybody brings something to the table. It’s hard to say who the number one guy was, but, one guy who was tough and he had help behind him was Mel Blount. He was big and fast. I’d rank him as up at the best with Mike Haynes.

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