EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Jets Great Wesley Walker, Part I

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Jets WR Wesley Walker is one of the finest the organization has seen in it’s history. A true deep threat, that averaged over 19 yards per catch for his career. See our post that gives an overview of his career by clicking here.

Wesley made an appearance today at the great new store in the Galleria Mall in Middletown, NY, Sports Center.  Wesley was gracious enough to spend a few minutes talking to the Jet Press about his career, the current Jets, and the concussion situation.

For the younger readers, please read the post above so you know a little more about Wesley, and all take a look at some Wesley hightlights to get you started off:

THE JET PRESS-All right, first question. You were drafted in 1977, went to the Jets, where they were having a lot of lean years. Did you always want to be a Jet? Was that a team that you were interested in?

WESLEY WALKER-It was a team that I was interested in, but I actually got a call from New Orleans, and I was actually excited when they started the second round. But I was actually more disappointed because I was supposed to be a first round draft choice, and the general manager at the time for the Jets said that I was gonna be their number one draft choice til I got hurt. I had knee surgery my senior year. They had started the second round and New Orleans had called me and I was excited about that because I had a buddy of mine that I went to college with, Chuck Muncie, who was drafted in the first round by New Orleans. So I’m waiting for the call, and I get the call, I was thinking it was New Orleans, and it was the Jets. So I was excited and happy to be here because it’s one of the best media markets in the world, and I was happy to be a part of that. Unfortunately you play this game for a long time and you don’t accomplish some of the things you would have liked to, but I am priviledged to say that I played for the New York Jets.

TJP-So there were some lean years there in the late 1970s, when did you know it was going to get into something good, the way it did in the 80s when we almost got to that Super Bowl? When did you sense that something was brewing?

WW-You know I always had a great deal of respect for Walt Michaels(coach in the early 1980s), and what we were trying to do. Unfortunately sometimes, the lack of experience is there, and you are trying to build up, because we certainly had a lot of great athletes, but we just didn’t have enough depth. We had guys that could play with anybody, but when you have to deal with injuries, that’s another story when you lose key guys. I thought we were able to compete with people, even in my first year, though we were like 3-11, you always go into any year thinking you are going to go to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, things don’t go that way in the NFL. I always thought we were very competitive.

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