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Do the Jets Need Another Wide Receiver?

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Santonio Holmes is a number one receiver. Anyone who saw him play in Pittsburgh, or here in 2010 knows that. He has big play ability, can make catches in the clutch, and can be a favorite target for Mark Sanchez. We know the problem with this guy, which is why I say “can be”. If Santonio Holmes has his head on straight, he is great. When he doesn’t, we get 2011.

Then when you look behind him, it’s thinner than we think, if you delve.

Chaz Schilens, acquired from the Raiders, has looked good so far. He is big, and will make a good target for Sanchez. But the fact is, he has had injury problems, and never has recorded more than 29 catches in a season. Personally I think he will be good, but we don’t know. He is unproven.

Jeremy Kerley got better through the 2011 season. However, he is a slot/third receiver at best, who will help out returning kicks as well. Kerley has not shown that he can be a guy to carry an offense if needed.

Going further, the depth chart is riddled with guys that are unproven. Stephen Hill, and Jordan White are rookies. They are rookies with potential, no doubt. But the fact remains that they are still rookies. Stephen Hill has already had hamstring issues, we don’t know if that will continue. Patrick Turner has been around, but hasn’t shown lead receiver tendencies. DaMarcus Ganaway has looked good, but again is unproven,and Raymond Webber hasn’t played much at wide receiver in the league yet.

Is it enough? Just don’t know if they have a guy that can carry the team, if Holmes either isn’t playing hard, or is hurt.

So what is the answer? My idea is on the next page.

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