Note to Jets Fans: Behave or You Are Going to School

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Every fan has the right to enjoy the game. But, when you cross the line and fight with fans, taunt, cuss…etc., my stomach turns. When that story came out about our fans and Gate D I think it was, made me sick. People should be able to enjoy the game, no matter what team they root for.

No matter whether they drink or not. People shouldn’t be nervous about bringing their children to games, because they don’t want their kids exposed to bad behavior.

Have a good time, but be responsible about it. Is it really worth getting into a fight while watching a football game? Sports are fun, let’s keep it at that.

Even if you don’t agree, is it worth having to take a class to get back in the stadium? Wouldn’t it be better to just behave in the first place, and not have to do all of the extra work?

I would say so.

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