Note to Jets Fans: Behave or You Are Going to School

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We have reported on this before, but after reading a more detailed article on the subject, I wanted to share more details with you.

On average, 25 fans get thrown out of Jets or Giants home games. Well, if it happens to you, you must pass a four hour course in “fan conduct awareness”. The course was developed by a psychotherapist, and in 2010, MetLife Stadium was the first NFL stadium to enact the program. Several other teams have begun using it since.

The first step is writing a letter of apology to the head of stadium security, Daniel DeLorenzi in MetLife’s case. After submitting the letter, the fan must complete the online course and test, achieving a 70% or better on the final test in the course, consisting of true/false questions. The course is available at, and was created by an anger management specialist.

The cost of the class/test is $75, $55 going to the class creator, and the remaining $20 towards “Mothers Against Drunk Driving”, and the Hero Campaign for Designated Drivers.

About one quarter of ejected fans to not take, or complete the class. These fans are put on a list that includes their name, seat number and photograph. Security will scan the stands, and if these fans are located, they will be arrested for trespassing.

How would you do? Turn the page for some example questions.

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