A Father's Day Jets Memory with My Dad

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Can I tell you my greatest memory? It was late in the game, when it was clear that the game was going to OT, I picked up to leave. I figured, the next day was a school day, the evening was upon us, and Dad would want me to get home at a decent hour in order to be ready for school on Monday.

My Dad’s response? We’re staying. I asked him if he was sure, and he said yes. My Dad wanted my first game to be special, and what’s cooler than an OT game, for your first game ever? And to top it off, the Jets won. Think about an eight year old seeing his team win his first live game ever on an OT field goal. I couldn’t have been more pumped up walking out of that stadium.

And I was hooked, and hooked for life.

Thanks to my father for that. For getting me into football, and igniting my passion that brings me to you today, as lead blogger for the Jet Press.

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