The Kenrick Ellis Agreement Sends a Bad Message

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This action by the court doesn’t teach Ellis that what he did was wrong. Jail is meant to correct behavior, that is why they call them “correctional facilities”.

You know who seems like a changed man? Michael Vick. Why? Because he spent significant time in prison, and lost his job. When there are actual consequences for what you do, you learn. Same with Plaxico Burress. He may be slower now, but you don’t hear about him getting into bad situations now, do you? Reason? He had real jail time, and he lost his job as a football player.

Real acts deserve real consequences. Making Kenrick Ellis sleep in jail for a few weeks after working out all day doesn’t qualify.

Great for the Jets? Absolutely. Great for Kenrick in the long run? Absolutely not.

It sends a very bad message.

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