The 5 Players That Will Turn The Jets Into Contenders This Season.....GUARANTEED

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RB Shonn Greene will certainly find his identity this season under new OC Tony Sparano.



5.)        Shonn Greene

Before last season started if I told you that RB Shonn Greene would finish the season with 1,054 yards, 6 TDs and 4.2 ypc, your response would be what exactly?  You’d probably sign up for that in a heartbeat as I know I would. Well those WERE the numbers that Shonn Greene ended last season with and let’s just say in hindsight and retrospect and after actually WITNESSING the production, I don’t……. want to………. sign up for that.  I don’t!  Greene’s production was lackadaisical at best, inconsistent, non-explosive, at times counterproductive, shall I continue?  This is actually coming from someone that actually LIKES Shonn Greene and believes in his potential and does recognize the fact that Greene HAS flashed since he was drafted out of Iowa back in 2009 and has done a lot of things well but has been insanely inconsistent.  The only thing that has been consistent with Greene is his injuries in AFC Title games.  Greene, who is entering his final season of his rookie contract has been told by Sparano that his production will infact increase from last season as he will be a vital part of Sparano’s run first game plan this season with the Jets, news I’m certain Greene has welcomed.  Despite underachieving for the past 3 seasons, Greene is poised to have a BIG season under his new offensive coordinator who has taken pride and is up for the challenge in getting the most out of a talented back in Greene.  Greene is a physical RB with adequate speed that can wear down tired defenses late in games, has the talent to wear defenses to sleep and has the propensity to break one every now and then and this is something new Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano can begin the Greene foundation on, knowing that he has a talented RB at his disposal that is certainly capable of big plays.  Greene has had a quiet offseason but there’s simply no doubt in my mind that Greene is 100% focused on the upcoming season and realizing the vital role he will play within this offense and its impact on the Jets goal to become legit contenders towards season’s end.



After the Jets consecutive trips to the AFC Title game, it was written in stone that the Jets would be legit contenders last season and take the next step and get to that Superbowl but that of course didn’t happen for more than one reason.  Last season the Jets offense totally went away from what got them to 2 consecutive AFC Title games and looked simply lost at times while trying to find their identity.  Fortunately for the Jets, they now have an offensive coordinator that has made it his personal mission to establish an effective identity within this offense and will have to remain creative just to not get LAPPED by the promising Jets defense.  These FIVE players that I have noted above are the FIVE players that I feel will have the biggest impact on the Jets getting BACK into the playoffs and becoming legitimate contenders this season.  All of these players are talented and experienced but the thing that will drive them into becoming those important pieces part of the “contender” puzzle is the fact that ALL of these players have something to prove to haters, doubters and those that frankly just want to see them FAIL for one reason or another.  ALL five of these players are motivated, hungry for success and all are focused and determined to prove the doubters and haters wrong and ultimately along the way, turn the Jets into legitimate contenders and frankly the only thing that can stop them from doing this are themselves.

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