Jets to Rely on Defensive Line

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“It doesn’t matter what the offense does,” Pettine said. “If they think that they’ll keep us out of it by going with four wide receivers… no it won’t. We’re better suited to play it now.”

Perhaps the greatest benefit, Pettine said, is that the 46 will force opponents to have simple pass protections. Offenses will either have to have five one-on-one blocking matchups or “turn the protection” by blocking gaps, which often creates mismatches for rushing linebackers.

The Jets will be able to disguise their pass coverage by using this Bear front(after Rex’s Dad using it in Chicago). It’s a high risk, high reward defense, but the Jets may just have the guys to execute it.

And if the Jets do, they will make an exciting run to be as good, or better than they were in 2009. Who could argue with that idea?

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