Observations from Jets Mini Camp Day 3

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Lots of Tip Drills

During positional drills, I saw a lot of groups practicing the tip drill (This is when a player tips a pass up, and the next player has the responsibility to make a catch off the tip). This is a typical drill for Defensive Backs. However, I noticed that each defensive group was participating in this drill.

It was a little unusual to see the defensive linemen running the tip drill. But when I sat back and thought about it, it made more sense. If we can get our D-Line to get their hands on the ball more often, it will help disrupt the rhythm of an offense. It also provides us with an opportunity to create a turnover. I was very pleased to see that, not only can our D-Line tip a pass or two, but we’re also athletic enough to make an interception off of a tip.


Overall Summary

For the most part, I left the mini camp practice feeling pretty good about our team. I felt that our coaches were pushing our players just the right amount, and should have them ready to go come training camp. It’s very difficult to analyze a practice where players are wearing shorts, but all in all, everyone looks to be in tip-top shape. That is, of course, excluding the players who are recovering from injuries (Landry, Hill, Holmes).

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