Mark Sanchez Moving on from 2011

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Sanchez’s leadership skills were questioned as the season came to a close in 2011, as his play fell apart. His career high in TD passes (26), were balanced by 26 turnovers, including 9 the final 3 weeks. Mark knows his 2011 season had the good, and the bad:

“Were there highlights from last season? Absolutely,” Sanchez said. “There’s a whole boat load of them and a whole reel of them. But we just didn’t have enough down the stretch.” “I just know that I turned the ball over too much,” he added. “As many good things as you do, turning the ball over doesn’t negate them, but it really does hurt. The most important thing moving forward is taking care of the football and making good decisions. If we cut down on a couple of those interceptions, we might be in the playoffs. That’s the way I look at it.”

Mark feels good about how the offense is coming along, said they are learning the new playbook at a good pace.

These are all great signs. This team will go forward with Mark Sanchez as its leader, not Tim Tebow. Like it or not, Sanchez is a far better quarterback than Tim Tebow. In order to keep the controversy down, coach Ryan has no choice but to let the hold world know that Mark Sanchez is his starter.

The better sign is that Mark Sanchez is taking this situation and using it to make him better.

This can only be a good result for the New York Jets.

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