Fast Pace Will Lead Jets to Success in 2012

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A lack of opportunities to substituate on defense leads to a tired defense. Simply put, when the guys are in more plays, they will tire faster. This will lead to missed tackles, blown assignments, and things of that nature.

Finally, it can lead to penalties, such as too many men on the field. If the offense is up on the line, and the defense is rushing in substitutes, that will often take too long and the offense can get the ball snapped with 12 defenders in the game. Who can argue with a free five yards?

Now you are probably thinking, “Why is he spending time on these items? They are obvious for one, and secondly, they aren’t major.” I agree on both accounts. If you follow football, these benefits to keeping up the tempo are obvious. They certainly are small, compared to major issues like blocking and completing passings.

So why make the fuss? Sometimes the obvious and the small make all the difference. This is especially true when talking about football. There isn’t a lot of difference between great teams and not so great teams, with a few exceptions of course. But generally speaking, winning and losing these games comes down to a play or two.

The small items such as keeping the tempo moving on offense might make that difference.

If it can, I am all in.

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