Should the Jets Sign Cedric Benson?

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He has gone this long without any interest, there has to be a reason, doesn’t there? I submit to you that there is, and that is his consistent legal troubles.

Since 2008, Benson has had a litany of arrests, with jail, without jail. With suspension or without, it hasn’t stopped. The charges have ranged from DWI to a couple of assault charges. Some charges he was cleared for, some he was not. Last year he served jail time and was suspended for one game.

Cedric Benson’s character is clearly a question mark. After everything that happened last year, you wonder if adding a guy to this locker room with a questionable character is a good idea.

Bottom line, the depth chart of the New York Jets could use another running back. Due to character issues, it should not be Cedric Benson.

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