Dustin Keller Looking for New Deal, None to Be Found

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Dustin Keller deserves a new deal, yesterday. You could make the argument that he deserves the extension before Revis.

For one, he has not made any noise about his rookie deal, until now. He has been a good soldier for this New York Jets team. As we mentioned before, his production has steadily increased every year since his rookie season until 2011 when he led the team in receiving.

He clearly has put in the work, and he should be rewarded for it.

Also, there is a lot of validity in the argument about the changing weapons surrounding Mark Sanchez. The argument has been made on this website (by me), that the Jets have been setting Mark Sanchez up to fail. Some evidence is there, and that is the constant changing of Mark’s weapons. This cannot instill confidence in your QB. The Jets would do a lot in injecting Mark some confidence by inking his safety net to a long term deal.

Listen up Jets. Get Dustin Keller done now. Even if it ticks Revis off, it’s time to do it.

Do you agree?  Take a look at this piece by clicking here, where Chris Gross of turnonthejets.com takes a look at why he believes the Jets should wait on giving Dustin an extension.  What do you guys think?

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