Jets Refocused Weight Room Program

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One tactic was contrast training, in which players would contrast a strength exercise, like a barbell lunge, with a plyometric exercise, like jumping on and off a box. They did the exercises back to back, to build power and explosiveness even when fatigued, as they might experience in a lengthy series of plays during a game.

Each player has his own workout folder. Included are corrective exercises for physical imbalances that could result in injuries, identified by the functional movement screens scheduled at the start of the offseason program, organized team activities and training camp. And each player’s regimen is tailored to his goals.

Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, for instance, aimed this offseason to become thicker while also maintaining his agility and speed. His weight is above 230 pounds as he added strength to both his upper and lower body.

Competition also drives the program, which yielded the now much talked about Tim Tebow weight competition vs. a lineman that he won. Also, the defense and offense were divided up into 2 teams, for various competitions, and the rewards included time off.

Will this fall yield differences on the field? We will soon see.

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