Did the Jets Mislead Darrelle Revis?

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Revis has stated that his representatives were indicated the same thing.

“That was the initial talk of it,” he said, referring to the idea of getting a long-term extension done. “But it’s in a place where if Mike and them want to move on it, it’s really on them, on what they want to do. And then we’ll go from there. We’ll negotiate it out if that’s the case, and if not, then it’s not.”

Revis said he’ll sit down with his agents and “digest” scenarios to decide what’s best for his career. There is some fine print to consider. If he holds out, his deal will last three extra years at the modest price of $3 million per season, and he will lose the leverage of becoming a free agent after the 2013 season, with the team unable to franchise or transition tag him. He also has a $1 million bonus contingent upon reporting to camp in July.

He hasn’t said much about his contract, wanting to focus on workouts.

The question here becomes, does Revis feel mislead? And if so, what do the Jets do about it? He is making, and has made, a lot of money, nobody is disputing that. When it comes down to it, however, if he wants to be a Jet for life, and he feels that the Jets have mistreated him, he could be gone.

Whether you like the idea of a holdout or not, that would be a disaster.

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