The Jets, The 46 Defense, and Why the Jets Will Succeed With It

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One of the weaknesses of the defense is that it is considered vulnerable to short, quick passes. The West Coast offense often had some success against it, as the quarterback got the ball out before the defense could get to him. This is not an issue for the NY Jets.

The bump and run, as well as any other coverage is done on the outside. When you have an island on one side(Darrelle Revis), and Antonio Cromartie on the other, who can cover anyone and everyone, the receivers are not getting open on the quick pass.

The biggest question is over the middle, but the Jets have improved there too. Yeremiah Bell has better stats against the pass than anyone gives him credit for. Demario Davis, once he learns the coverages a bit, will be able to get back there and stay with TEs, as will Josh Bush, and Antonio Allen. Laron Landry will help, and Eric Smith should bounce back with a better season than last year.

A new year, new players, new defensive line coach, and a return to an old concept, started in the Ryan family. The 46 defense. Great idea for the players the Jets have, and they will succeed by implementing it.

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