5 under-the-radar Jets who will breakout in 2012- #5 and #4

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As we continue through OTA’s, let’s take a look at the Jets players who should have a breakout season in 2012. We all know the big names that need to have a good year; Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow, Darrelle Revis, and other popular choices. So let’s look at some of the under-the-radar guys, who may have been forgotten about. The list consists of a young, talented group of players who are on the rise. Check out the countdown and see if you agree where the players are ranked!


#5- Aaron “Mayhem” Maybin

Maybin had an excellent season in 2011, considering that he had ZERO sacks for the Bills in his first two seasons–which prompted the Bills to cut the former Penn State pass rusher. Considering his speed and the bitter aftertaste from the Vernon Gholston nightmare, it was a no brainer for Rex Ryan to take a chance on Maybin. Mainly it was because of the risk/reward factor, but it did pay off. Maybin had a team high 6 sacks to go along with 5 forced fumbles in just 13 games. That’s pretty darn good for a “designated pass rusher”, who was limited to playing only on passing downs.

For the amount of snaps he got leading up to week 12 vs the Redskins, Maybin reeked havoc. He sacked the QB 5 times on only 110 defensive snaps, according to Pro Football Focus. “Mayhem” was #1 IN THE NFL, regarding his sacks:snaps ratio in that time-span. Maybin went on to sack Rex Grossman and force a fumble in the second half of the game @ Washington, which helped the Jets to victory.

Going into OTA’s, Maybin is attempting to increase his number of snaps by adding weight. He wants to bulk up in order to better help defend as a run stopper. He intends to prove to Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine that he CAN be an every down player and more than just a “designated pass rusher”.

Maybin is also working on his pass rushing moves. His blazing speed off the snap gets him in position to get around the offensive tackle which caused some to label him as a “one trick pony”, which implies that he is only capable of beating a lineman in one direction– the outside.


Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine, plans to change that:

“We’ve been working with Maybin to develop more interior moves. The ability to, if a tackle does overset on a speed move, that he can counter back inside.” – Mike Pettine


If Maybin can master another move like a counter back to the inside, he will without a doubt have a breakout season for the Jets in 2012.

Who comes in at #4?

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