How will training camp in Cortland NY benefit the Jets in 2012?

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2nd Year Players

As rookies, Muhammad Wilkerson, Kenrick Ellis, Bilal Powell, Jeremy Kerley, Greg McElroy, and Scotty McKnight were all forced into their first NFL season. They had no chance to adapt to the transition of going from college to the NFL, which rookies get to experience. Coming straight into the NFL during a lockout is extremely difficult, but I would say that these guys did a great job considering the position they were put in. Do you agree?

Wilkerson made an immediate impact, getting his first career sack/safety on only his second career game. That’s pretty impressive!

As far as Ellis and Powell, it is safe to say that it’s far too early to tell what impact they might have. You can say the same regarding McElroy and S.McKnight.

However, Jeremy Kerley is an absolute stud. From day one, this guy has stood out. His potential is obvious and he showed his versatility, as he threw a deep pass out of the wildcat for a completion and caught a number of passes from Sanchez during the final regular season game in Miami. Most fans want to forget that game (I don’t blame them), but the point is: If you agree that this group made any impact last year, can you imagine what they can do after a whole offseason of preparation? The sky is the limit.

A New Start to a New Season – Reason to Believe

Some call me an “Optimistic Jets Fan”, but come on, how can younot be excited for our team this year? We are a talented group, coming off an 8-8 season that we will absolutely learn from.

As Mark Sanchez said a few weeks ago, regarding the downfall in Miami, “Looking back now, I’m glad it happened that way because we needed to go into this season making changes. If we would’ve played well and won the game … Let’s say I threw five touchdowns and everything was great, do we really solve anything?…I don’t think so. It was almost like a necessary evil.”

As Mr. Cheezle (Kevin Nealon) said in Grandma’s Boy, “Good things are coming. Good things.”

Let us know what type of impact that training camp in Cortland will have for the 2012 Jets! Answer the poll on the sidebar!

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