Is Rex Ryan the Jets Second Best Coach Ever?

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May 4, 2012; Florham Park, NJ, USA; New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan addresses media after first day of minicamp at the Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

On this Sunday afternoon, I wanted to take a look at Jets history, and specifically the history of Jets coaches.

Weeb Ewbank is the greatest Jets coach ever, that is undisputable. Any time a team, in any sport, has one championship to its credit, the coach that led them to it is the best coach in their history.

My question this afternoon, is who is second best? Is it Rex Ryan? You can certainly make the argument. He came in as a rookie head coach, and led the team to two AFC championship games as we know. He’s given a team that has never had any swagger, always looked as a weak team, a jolt of confidence.

But there is another guy that has to be thrown into the mix. A guy that also took the Jets to a title game, as well as giving the team one of the greatest turnarounds in league history. Remember this guy?

Bill Parcells has to be in the discussion for second best Jets coach ever.

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