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How the Tim Tebow Experiment CAN Work for the New York Jets

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Mar 26; Florham Park, NJ, USA; Newly acquired New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow addresses the media at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

I know I have had a strong opinion against this in the past. I have made that abundantly clear in various posts. However, with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow meeting the media today, I was giving this a lot of thought. I was also having a conversation with a football fan friend of mind, and some ideas came to my head. Specifically, the idea of how, if done correctly, the Tim Tebow experiment actually can work for the Jets, and work out quite well.

First, is his use on the special teams. Specifically, his use as the personal punt protector. I know it sounds odd, but this has the chance to make the punt team very dangerous. Think about it, if Tebow is the protector on a punt on say, 4th and 5 from the 48 yard line, the fear of a fake has to be in the other team’s head, doesn’t it? Heck, with his ability to run, as well as make the big play, the fake has to be considered on any punt when he is the punt protector. This will always give the element of surprise, and the threat alone with give TJ Conley or whoever the punter is a bit of extra time to punt.

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