New York Jets: A Look Back 30 Years to a Special Season...Almost

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The Jets travelled to Miami for the AFC Championship game at the Orange Bowl. This became known as the “AJ Duhe” game, will explain. The Jets were known for speed on both sides of the football. Interestingly, there was torrential rain the week of the game, and mysteriously the field never was covered. The Jets cried foul, but their was no rule against leaving the field uncovered at the time(a rule was written after the fact).

The Jets lost 14-0, and the game became associated with Duhe because he recorded 3 of Richard Todd’s 5 INTs on the game. The game was over, as was the Jets season.

A good season by the Jets, that was almost special. By many accounts, it should have been special, but instead, it fell to the “same old Jets” moniker that we all know far too well.

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