Jets Coach Rex Ryan Wants Son to Keep Playing Football Despite His Concussion

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In light of the Seau situation, where he committed suicide, maybe in part related to head injuries, many players, such as Kurt Warner, have stated that they would prefer their kids not play football. Rex, however, can appreciate the good that football has given him.

“I love the sport,” Ryan said. “This game has been incredible to me and my family. I mean, amazing. In fact, we made a great living doing what we love to do, and that’s be around the sport. This game is not for everybody. When I look at the young men that we have playing this game on this level, I’ve always said these are mighty men, there is no question.”

Rex acknowledges that the game is physical and violent, and you have to be a special person in order to play it.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this. The game has been great to the entire Ryan family, and they should continue the tradition through future generations if that is what they choose. My feeling is that you can’t live in fear. If they want to play football, and understand the risks, there is no reason why they shouldn’t play.

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