An Insider Look at Tim Tebow

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If I were putting a team together, I wouldn’t want him as my starting quarterback – there are just too many questions – but I would want him on my roster. As THE quarterback you rely on, I’m not sure how far you can get with him. His passing is suspect and none of us are sure if it will improve or not and, if he were a full-time QB, defenses will begin to play different against him and possibly render him less effective. I would want Tebow to be a part of my offense to use when the situation warrants (similar to how he was used during the 2006 season at Florida as Chris Leak’s backup), but I’m not sure you can rely on him as an every-down QB because how far can you honestly go? Will he still beat teams? Yes, but good defenses will diminish his ability to surprise you.

At this point, too much has to go right for Tebow to be a great passer in this league and a lot of it is beyond his control. Let’s be honest, he doesn’t throw a pretty pass and he has that slow release. Maybe he can improve, but for now, I would want him on my team as a piece of the puzzle, not necessarily the person attempting to put the puzzle together.

So there you have it.  Some insights from an expert on Tim Tebow, who thinks he can contribute, but just not necessarily as an every down NFL passer.

Thanks to Joel for the insights.

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