Former Jets Coach Eric Mangini Regrets Squealing About Spygate

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What prompted him to think back was having to sit with Teddy Bruschi on the set, and listen to him defend the Patriots accomplishments:

“To have guys like Tedy have to defend the championships that we earned in New England, and to have anything taken away from the Kraft family, from Coach Belichick, and the players and coaches that have meant so much to me, never in a million years did I think it was going to translate into what it was going to translate into. It doesn’t tarnish what we achieved there. It doesn’t tarnish what they achieved after the fact. I think when you look at the history of success that they had after that incident, it’s pretty obvious that it didn’t play any type of significant role in the victories we had or the success that we had.”

I am sure that anyone reading this article agrees with John Harbaugh.  I know I do.  My opinion, Eric wouldn’t have blown the whistle if he didn’t want to do it.  My hunch is that he is getting the coaching itch, and he knew he had to apologize for turning another coach in, a member of the “fraternity”, or he would never have a chance for a job again.  This was likely an attempt to work his way back into the good graces of the NFL.  Whether he meant it or not, it probably helped.

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