Source: Saints Rigged Setup in Superdome to Eavesdrop on Visiting Coaches

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The sources said when Loomis took his seat during home games, then in the front row of box No. 4 in the 300 level of the Superdome’s north side, he was able to plug an earpiece into a jack that was under the desk in front of him. The earpiece was not unlike those used to listen to inexpensive transistor radios, the sources said. With the earpiece in place, Loomis could then toggle back and forth with a switch that he controlled, enabling him to listen to either the game-day communications of the opposing offensive or defensive coaches.

Also underneath the desk in front of Loomis, said the sources, was a metal box that contained two belt packs similar to those worn around the waists of NFL head coaches during games. The packs powered the listening device available to Loomis, which was, according to sources, hard-wired to the audio feed of the opposing coaches.

“Outside the Lines”, could not confirm that the device was ever used, and we do know it was detroyed in Hurricane Katrina.


All I can say is, if this gets proven, it gets really bad, really fast for the Saints.

Kind of ironic to call them “Saints”, after all of this, isn’t it?

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