Jets Owner Woody Johnson Opens His Mouth and the Lies and Arrogance Comes Out

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Seriously Woody? Rex and Mike made the decision on the trade, but you are going to take the credit if the trade is a success? Did you forget to mention that they will take the blame if the trade is a nightmare, George…sorry I mean Woody. He’s reminding me of someone again.

Also, jerseys aren’t a main part of business? Oh, I guess that is why is jersey was on the website, in front of Mark Sanchez’s, within 24 hours of the trade. That happened because jerseys are NOT an important part of the business. That makes a lot of sense. Clearly Woody doesn’t think we pay attention.

All you need to hear is that he will take “full accountability” if the Tebow trade is a success. He will take the credit if it goes well, but they are all about winning games.

Earth to Woody, enough. Stop the lies, and stop the bravado. It’s embarrassing.

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