Santonio Holmes: The Jets Should Have Seen This Coming

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Santonio Holmes was soon traded to the Jets for a fifth round draft pick. We will go back to this in just a few minutes. Just before the trade, Holmes was suspended by the NFL for the first 4 games of the 2010 NFL season for violating the terms of the league’s substance abuse policy.

Soon after, Holmes had an incident on an airplane, where he allegedly wouldn’t follow directions regarding turning off his ipod during the flight. He spoke to officers after the flight, and no charges were filed, but take a look at this history. Whether the issues are small or insignificant, this is not the picture of a guy that behaves himself.

However, the Jets rewarded this model citizen with a $50 million contract.

How did Holmes reward the Jets generosity? With his attitude last year that ended in his benching, and his attitude so far this offeason. Santonio has made clear, despite what Woody Johnson says, that all he cares about himself.

The Jets should have seen this coming. First of all, his history we have outlined above should have told the Jets that they were not dealing with a wonderful individual. But, they bring him in anyway. And, think about how they brought him in. This guy was a Super Bowl MVP, and Ben Rothlisberger’s main target, and all he was worth was a 5th round draft pick? Seriously? That didn’t tell the Jets something about what they were getting? Mind boggling.

Bottom line is this, the Jets think they can bring anyone into their “team” concept. They think anyone will just buy in. They should have known what they were getting, and known this would happen.

They should have seen this coming. They didn’t, or didn’t care. Now they have a catastrophe that could bring down the whole team.

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